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Florence Apartment Rental
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Florence Apartment Rental
Florence Apartment - APARTMENT PP - The apartment is on the first floor of the villa (reached through about 30 steps), offers 6 sleeping accommodations in 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, and is provided with 2 balconies, air conditioning, and wireless Internet connection in every room.

On entering the apartment there is a long corridor.

Along the first half of the corridor, open the kitchen (first photo) and one of the bedrooms (second photo). The wide bedroom has a large window that opens on the garden of the villa, and a French door opening onto one of the balconies of the apartment.

The second half of the corridor leads to the two bathrooms and to two bedrooms. One of the bedrooms has a three-quarter bed and the other is furnished with a double bed and a single bed.

The kitchen, the first bedroom (second photo) and the bedroom with a three-quarter bed open onto a long balcony that overlooks the inner garden of the villa.

The room with three sleeping accommodations opens onto a balcony that overlooks the road, where is the main entrance of the villa.

All of the bedrooms and the corridor are parqueted.

All of the rooms are provided with free wireless Internet connection; air conditioning in the first bedroom (second photo) and in the bedroom with a three-quarter bed.